Remote Security Audits

Due to the current requirements of 'social distancing' defcon21 has implemented Remote Audit capabilities.

​Many of us are now using our personal, and frequently shared, computers for work. Often these computers are less secure than they could/should be - especially if we deal with sensitive customer information.

Prior to allowing home computers to be used for teleworking, and on a regular basis, our Remote Audit should be used to help ensure an adequate level of security.

What is a remote audit?

We will work together to perform the Security Scan on your computers (office and/or home), then the collected encrypted data is uploaded to a private, secure location for analysis.

Your audit results will be sent to you when completed.

For 'covered entities' under 23 NYCRR Part 500, the delivered reports from this audit allows you to certify compliance. 

What data is collected?

We collect only the minimal data required for the audit: 

  • Collect basic asset information for the home computer

  • Collect security related data for assessment purposes​

What is NOT collected?

Our Remote Audit does not:

  • Collect any personal information regarding users

  • Scan or record any personal files

What is the Process?

What will I receive?

We have streamlined the process to these three simple steps:

  1. Open a browser to our software download page and download the corresponding scan data collector.

  2. Run the Computer Security Scan for your computer type:

  3. Upload the resulting scan files to your secure upload location.

You will receive three critical reports:

  • Consolidated Security Report Card

    • A quick view for each of the major security categories​

  • Windows Patching Report

    • helps ensure that all critical and security updates are applied​

  • Asset Detail Report

    • Reviews and documents PC endpoint and network security​​

After you receive these reports, we will meet​ (on-line) for a 30 minute Security Review to discuss the reports and any required remediation. 

How do I get this audit?

This sounds like a great way to help know my systems are secure!

What's next?​

  • Contact defcon21 to sign up and get your private upload link address.

  • Download the scanner, gather the data, get your reports!

  • Schedule your included 30 minute Security Review.

$40.00 per machine tested